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Reading: Promoting Peace through Tourism


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Promoting Peace through Tourism


Erangi Wijayawickrama

University of Kelaniya, LK
About Erangi
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences
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This paper discusses the relationship between peace and tourism and the way how tourism leads to peace. Tourism doesn’t have a direct link with peace. But in several ways, tourism open paths to way for peace. Tourism should be designed and conducted properly to proceed and to maintain peace in society. Tourism in itself is a complex phenomenon. There are many benefits of the tourism industry. Of them implementing peace can be identified as one benefit. Peace means the absence of violence. In society, we can identify the structural violence which happens due to a lack of economic, social, political imbalance in many ways. The main reason for the structural violence is poverty. By implementing the tourism industry in society, it can be used to eliminate poverty by increasing economic development. Then indirectly Tourism has made the path for peace. Tourism is an extremely complex phenomenon through which identities and worldviews are continuously being represented, consumed, reconfirmed, negotiated and modified. This article describes separately peace, tourism and the relationship between tourism and peace. Tourism means a trip or a visit to an unknown place or a new place from the home place. By that tourists will meet different cultural people, and will understand the diversity of cultures as well as will learn the importance of respecting the diversity. This phenomenon also helps to share love and harmony with culturally different people. It will be an initiating point to begin peace in the world.
How to Cite: Wijayawickrama, E. (2020). Promoting Peace through Tourism. TRIVALENT ත්‍රිසංයුජ: Journal of Archaeology, Tourism & Anthropology, 1(2), 134–143. DOI:
Published on 30 Dec 2020.
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